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Pharmaceutical Fleet Achieves Cost Savings Year After Year With 4,100 vehicles on the road, Boehringer Ingelheim's senior manager of Fleet Services credits AFLA for making it more knowledgeable, competitive, and successful. B oehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals prides itself on its ability to measure total cost of ownership accurately, allowing it to continuously achieve year-over-year cost savings. Lee Miller, senior manager of Fleet Services, said vendor relations and partnerships also play a key role in the feet's success, as well as ensuring proper compliance by drivers. With 4,100 sales rep and executive vehicles dispersed across all 50 states and Puerto Rico, the pharmaceutical company attributes many of its best practices to the Automotive Fleet & Leasing Association (AFLA)'s leadership — and looks to AFLA for education and networking opportunities. "Educating the feet professional on current, hot topics and keeping us informed on trending challenges is essential. Te exposure to new ideas is critical and provides me with the resources and tools to make proper recommendations to management," Miller said. "Additionally, the networking opportunities are endless and so valuable. Meeting fellow feet professionals to discuss our experiences and solutions as well as benchmarking within our industries is what makes us more knowledgeable, competitive, and successful. Building relationships with vendors and learning about their services and how we could beneft by cultivating those connections is key." As a full AFLA member, past secretary, current Sounding Board Member, annual Conference Committee member, as well as an annual Conference Committee participant for the past three years, Miller's AFLA membership is fully supported by Boehringer Ingelheim. As a consequence, Miller said, she tries to give back as much as possible to AFLA. "I try to devote what time I can to make MILLER AFLA an efective and valuable resource for 12 AUTOMOTIVE FLEET & LEASING ASSOCIATION ANNUAL REVIEW 2013 fellow feet managers," she said. "Te members and sponsors are what make AFLA special, and our participation, support, and guidance paves the road for future feet professionals." On the horizon for Boehringer Ingelheim is the introduction of a toll management program for its drivers, as well as turning over ticket and violation collection to the company's feet management company.  "My goal is to reposition the day-to-day administrative burden from my team and free up their time, so they can be more strategic in their daily activities," Miller explained. Of course, continued AFLA participation is also ahead for Miller and Boehringer Ingelheim. Her advice for other feet managers: "Become a member and come to our annual meeting! Come to the newcomers' reception! Volunteer to be on a board — there is no better way to get to know others and become active and educated," she recommended. "Te people are wonderful and everyone genuinely wants to help those that are either new to feet or those that are looking for help in a specifc arena." ■ Boehringer Ingelheim Fleet Profle ● AFLA Member: Lee Miller ● Industry: Pharmaceutical Number of vehicles: 4,100 Vehicle Types: Sedans, SUVs, small/medium/large trucks, high-end imports, and shuttle vehicles. ● Used for: Sales reps and executives ● Driven in: All 50 states and Puerto Rico ● AFLA Membership: 8 years ● Participates in AFLA for: Education and networking opportunities. ● ●

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