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AFLA History panel on fuel management, the economic future during an election year, and an examination of the roles and trends shaping the industry through the year 2000. Ford also celebrated "100 HOFFER Years and Going Strong," which included slides of vehicles in the 20th Century and examined what the automaker believed vehicles might look like in the 21st Century. Te 1998 Conference saw more than 300 professionals in attendance. Te theme in 1999 was "Economics and Technology: Back to the Basics," with an expectation voiced by the keynote speaker to "generate about $6 billion in new revenue from e-commerce-related sales in the next 10 years." Te theme continued into 2000, with the Association focusing on "Technology to Meet the Demands of the 21st Century." Jim Rallo, president of AFLA from 2001 to 2002, instituted the Association's frst membership survey. "At the 2001 Spring meeting, I presented the idea to go to a single meeting a year. I presented all of the rationale behind it, I had just become president. For the frst time, we surveyed the RALLO membership to see if they would support this. Te responses were in excess of 85 percent wanting to go to a single meeting," Rallo recalled. "I told members that I wanted to separate us from NAFA, that we would no longer hold our conferences at the start of NAFA." Te members voted on the event's timing, location, and presented recommendations for future conferences. In 2001, the results of the survey came through and Association members discontinued its 2002 fall meeting and moved to a single, annual meeting. Members had voiced that, due to the conferences being held simultaneously with NAFA, they were out of the ofce for far too long each year. Rallo also recommended during his presidency that the Association start its frst website. "By doing what we did, the organization has really strengthened itself. I sit back and look 44 at it each year, and it gets better. I'm happy to have had a small hand in a small part to help this organization move forward," Rallo said. In 2001, the Fall Conference was scheduled for Boston, and was cancelled for the frst — and only — time, because law enforcement commandeered Logan Airport conference hotel following to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Two of the hijacked fights departed from Boston's Logan International Airport. Jim Anselmi was president of the Association from 2003 to 2004 and was instrumental in further professionalizing the association by hiring, for the frst time, an association management company to administer AFLA's day-to-day afairs. "Tose of us who had the good fortune to lead, for even a short period in its history, are grateful and thankful for the vision of the founders," Anselmi said. "My goal was similar to preANSELMI vious presidents, which was to serve the members and continue to move AFLA forward and leave it better." Becoming the AFLA of Today: 2002-Present Te past 11 years have resulted in the Association we have today: one with a vision of the future and strong roots in the past. In 2004, the annual conference attracted 215 attendees and reviewed future trends in vehicle remarketing and the current state of the automotive industry, as well as the saturation of the new-vehicle market. Te emerging growth of the Internet to remarket vehicles was also noted, with 15 percent of vehicles at the time being remarketed online. Te 2006 conference used the theme, "Working Successfully as Business Partners," with more than 250 in attendance. Te conference ofered seven workshops, covering such topics as rule changes, residual trends, and global economics. One highlight was the presentation of a $4,000 donation for construction of a children's playground in memory of the late Pat Patrick, retired feet dealer, sales manager, and AFLA member. His widow, Dot Patrick, accepted the check on behalf of Trinity Fellowship in Patrick's hometown of Whitehouse, Tenn. AUTOMOTIVE FLEET & LEASING ASSOCIATION ANNUAL REVIEW 2013 Elsie Lucia, AFLA president from 2007 to 2008, joined AFLA at the recommendation of Bob Martines from CCM. "He told me it was a great organization that brought together LUCIA all the components of the feet world (manufacturers, upftters, dealers, corporate buyers, and a variety of other suppliers to the feet industry) with equal status," Lucia noted. "He was right! What an amazing group of individuals that make up the AFLA 'family.' What I really like about the organization, which provides information at a strategic level, is the knowledgesharing done by the membership. Everyone is willing to share their knowledge and help anyone who has questions or is looking for advice. You get many diferent perspectives from the group, which is helpful in decision making. AFLA has changed and adapted to the times to meet the needs of its constituents." More than 260 feet professionals gathered for the 2007 conference, themed "Turning Change into Opportunity." First-time attendees at the 2007 event hit an all-time high of 65 percent. Speaker topics ranged from fuel pricing trends to driver distraction. Mike Antich was president of AFLA from 2008 to 2009. A key focus of Antich's presidency was to increase commercial feet manager involvement with AFLA and to maxiANTICH mize sponsor value by creating year-long sponsorship programs. To make AFLA more relevant to the needs of commercial feet managers, Antich instituted the frst-ever Commercial Fleet Manager Sounding Board. During his presidency, there was record attendance of commercial feet managers to the annual conference and as members of the Association. A second initiative launched by Antich was to increase AFLA's visibility in the feet management industry. He launched the AFLA Spec Sheet email newsletter and created non-voting observer positions for OEMs and FMCs to give them a voice in formulating association policies and initiatives. Te third initiative was to memorialize AFLA's legacy to future generations of feet managers and Antich insti-

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