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The 'Secret Sauce' of AFLA Membership tuted the "Time Capsule" series, which provided video interviews of AFLA presidents recounting their terms in ofce. Also during Antich's presidency AFLA was frsted used as the venue for the Bobit Fleet Hall of Fame induction ceremonies. Te Fleet Hall of Fame was announced for the frst time at the 2008 conference, which reached attendance of nearly 300. Sponsored by AFLA and Automotive Fleet magazine, 20 inaugural members were announced, as well as the frst 10 ofcial inductees. Te conference also included a "Cars of Tomorrow" reception, which featured the latest greenconcept vehicles from leading manufacturers. Tom Donato was president of AFLA from 2009 to 2010. "Te Fleet industry is truly fortunate to have an organization like AFLA. DONATO I think AFLA's success can be directly related to the fact that all members have an opportunity to interact in a lowpressure environment that promotes helping and sharing. Also important is that all members are on equal footing, whether they are an end user of feet products or services or one of the vendors providing products and services, so everyone benefts from a free fow of information and support," Donato said. Te 2009 conference presented a varied program of business and feet-specifc presentations. Presenters and panel discussions covered such feet-specifc topics as feet funding strategies, upcoming remarketing trends, fuel cost management, total cost of ownership, and supply chain management. Te 2010 conference, themed "Turn Change into Opportunity," broke the attendance record with more than 420 registered attendees. Te conference objectives were to deliver members valuable information and to provide the best networking forum for advanced commercial feet professionals. AFLA also presented retired GM Vice Chairman and former Chrysler Executive Bob Lutz with the frst-ever Lifetime Achievement Award during a member attended Q&A session titled, "A Breakfast with Bob Lutz." RASMUSSEN Lori Rasmussen was president from 2010 to 2011. "I attended my frst AFLA conference in 2004. Just when I thought the conference couldn't get any better, I am amazed at how each year the conference committee and chair continues to impress and raise the bar from the previous year," she recalled. "Te AFLA conference provides a great opportunity for senior leadership within all aspects of the commercial feet industry to share ideas and prepare for the future. We are one unifed group, and I feel very energized afer attending an AFLA conference." Te Association continued to set records with an attendance of more than 430 feet professionals in 2011, including 101 commercial feet managers. Te conference's educational agenda covered a broad range of industry issues, including a keynote presentation on the future outlook for alternative-fuel vehicles and a forecast of the new- and used-vehicle markets in the U.S. Te 2012 annual conference featured strong support from commercial feet managers, with a theme entitled, "Innovation: Shaping Our Future Growth." Looking Toward the Future With AFLA continually raising the bar, the 2013 conference and beyond promises to be just as motivating, educational, and full of in-depth discussions with subjectmatter experts. "AFLA is the strong organization that it is today, due to all of the hard work and dedication by the past leaders within this organization," concluded Rasmussen. "Te leaders within the AFLA organization are truly committed to the enrichment and success of our industry. I would encourage all of our members to get involved in this great organization. I have gained many lasting friendships with other AFLA members through volunteering within the association." And, over the years, AFLA has played a major role in the industry, and its growth. Regardless of the era or the decade, it's been a guiding hand in the growth of feet. "I think it's a great organization. I look at it over the last several years, and the organization continues to evolve. It's not static. It seems to be very good about identifying trends, getting professional speakers to educate members. If you are in this industry, T he Automotive Fleet & Leasing Association (AFLA) provides a strong value to its membership. George Largay, AFLA president from 1981 to 1982, provided some key terms he feels are some of the ingredients of AFLA's "secret sauce": Inclusive: AFLA membership includes representatives from all segments of the industry and welcomes all. Informative: Information provided at AFLA meetings and conferences by industry thought leaders/movers and shakers is available nowhere else. Inspiring: AFLA conferences inspire members with the best practices and innovative ideas that can be applied directly to their jobs and add value to their employees. In-depth: Meeting agendas are not just the "headline news skeleton; there is always ample and useful 'meat on the bones.' " Intimate and Informal: Because of the Association's size and casual setting, an informal atmosphere is created that is conducive to learning and fostering meaningful business and personal relationships. Invested: Everyone at AFLA is committed to doing the best job possible, in both their day jobs and as part of the Association. They care about each other's success and invest the time and effort to help others. Infuential: AFLA members are the thought leaders in their segment of the industry and are widely respected. Incisive: AFLA conferences, speakers, white papers, webinars, etc., all cut to the chase of what is relevant, and leave secondary details on the cutting room foor. you better be a member and attending the meetings," Rallo concluded. Fundamentally, according to Largay, "AFLA has never rested on its well-deserved laurels. In the spirit of 'kaizen' [continuous improvement], it is always seeking to add value, relevance, and perspective for its members. AFLA is well aware of the truism that 'he who rests on his laurels is wearing them in the wrong place.' " ■ AUTOMOTIVE FLEET & LEASING ASSOCIATION ANNUAL REVIEW 2013 45

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