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SPONSORED BY: Automotive Fleet and Leasing Association DONNA BIBBO, CAFM, CCTE NOVO NORDISK INC. MANAGER, FLEET & TRAVEL Total vehicles: 3,941 (U.S. and Canada) Staff supervised: 1 in-house employee and 4 dedicated employees Years with current feet: 7 Total years in industry: 23 ½ Replacement policy: 36 months/70,000 miles Memberships NAFA Corporate Fleet Advisory Council and AFLA Commercial Fleet Manager Sounding Board. Past Wheels Client Steering Council, Fleet Response Advisory Board, and World Travel Inc. Primary responsibilities: Bibbo always aims to make the employee experience as best as possible as it pertains to company vehicles/driving and travel while keeping in mind fduciary responsibility to the company and its commitment to the environment. She constantly seeks out value-added services for drivers to allow them to stay productive and safe while maintaining their vehicles. Notable achievements: In 2012, Bibbo reduced maintenance costs by 2 percent, depreciation costs by 11 percent, CO2 emissions by 3 percent per mile, and preventable accidents per million miles by 3 percent over 2011. She worked with Novo Nordisk's leasing company to implement a customized, outsourced feet administration program, reducing in-house transactional work by 95 percent. This allowed the company's feet associate to spend more time on analytical activities and learning feet management skill sets. She managed a feet expansion of 765 vehicles. She also completed the bidding process and implemented a new accident management vendor. Bibbo revised the accident reporting process and the company's partnership with its insurance claims reporting vendor and implemented a customized vehicle inventory management program with its leasing company to better assign vehicles to new hires and retrieve vehicles from terminated employees. She also manages a $55-million feet program and a $60-million travel program. DICK MALCOM STATE FARM MUTUAL AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE CO. FLEET ADMINISTRATOR Total vehicles: 11,058 (U.S. and Canada) Staff supervised: 0 Years with current feet: 11 Total years in industry: 12 Replacement policy: 85,000 miles Memberships: AFLA (board member) and GM Commercial Sounding Board. Primary responsibilities: Malcom oversees policies and procedures relating to the purchase, lease, sale, and operation of the company's feet of cars and trucks. He conducts contract negotiations with varying levels of complexity to obtain/maintain supplier agreements (including legal terms and conditions and business requirements). He monitors and manages vehicle expenses, including fuel, maintenance, and depreciation. He researches vehicles, choosing safe, reliable, cost-effcient, and comfortable vehicles appropriate for various business needs. He leads and/or coordinates project work. Notable achievements: Malcom increased oversight and accountability of the feet. Combined with an updated business model, this has resulted in downsizing from more than 20,000 vehicles to 11,058. He collaborated efforts with State Farm Bank to create the program behind the State Farm Bank Visa Fleet card (fuel, maintenance, tolls, license fees, and accident repair), which reduced internal costs and provided internal income. He introduced a rental option to the pool car feet, which eliminated underutilized vehicles and lowered internal expenses. Malcom oversaw the design, development, and implementation of new feet management software. He designed and implemented a new driver policy and internal charge-back system to increase accountability and compliance. He coordinated a collaborative project with claims, catastrophe, strategic resources, safety, and systems divisions to develop an advanced ergonomic/effcient mobile offce for more than 2,500 claims employees. Malcom also introduced "domestically assembled foreign vehicles" (Toyota, Nissan, and Subaru) into the feet, increasing driver satisfaction and reducing cost of ownership. He initiated a centralized purchasing program to take advantage of the State Farm buying power, and created and implemented an online Employee Purchase Program, which increased feet's return on sale and resulted in a sales tax savings of more than $3 million through the trade-in program. BRANDON MORRIS DIRECTV DIRECTOR, FLEET SERVICES Total vehicles: 5,750 Staff supervised: 7 Years with current feet: 8 Total years in industry: 17 Replacement policy: 100,000 miles Memberships: AFLA, GM Fleet & Commercial Sounding Board, ARI Customer Technology Advisory Member, Fleet Response Advisory Board, and WEX Lead User Group. Primary responsibilities: Morris is responsible for the management of the overall feet operations for DIRECTV. He develops new-vehicle specifcations, oversees vendor management, optimizes feet utilization, creates maintenance parameters, performs expense analyses, and handles vehicle disposals. 28 AUTOMOTIVE FLEET I SEPTEMBER 2013 Notable achievements: Morris began his feet management career as a temporary employee in 1996 while he was working for Ryder TRS in the maintenance department. Since then, he has worked for and managed several large feets including AT&T Broadband, Charter Communications, and most recently DIRECTV. Over the past eight years, the feet has doubled in size due to acquisitions by DIRECTV starting in 2008. With this growth came the opportunity to build a team to manage the overall feet operations of DIRECTV. He implemented an aggressive replacement policy, created a regional feet manager structure to work closely with the DIRECTV sites and local maintenance vendors, and developed a direct relationship with leasing, damage, fuel, and remarketing companies. AF

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