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30TH ANNIVERSARY FLEET SAFETY MUST FIT A COMPANY'S CULTURE PHOTOS: ADTS According to ADTS, which celebrates 30 years in the industry this year, driver safety training programs must conform to a feet's specifc circumstances. One-size-fts-all programs just won't work. BY CHERYL KNIGHT Since 1983, ADTS has been providing feet safety training programs and services. The company started 30 years ago by providing training for police, ambulance, and fre personnel in the Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC). S afety continues to rank at the top of a feet department's "priority" list. In fact, many managers turn to outside experts to help efectively reduce accident rates, cut repair costs, lower liability exposure, and decrease a feet's time out of service ratio through comprehensive driver training. Trooper, Pa.-based Advanced Driver Training Services (ADTS) is one such com- AT A GLANCE Advanced Driver Training Services (ADTS) celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2013. Over the years, it has accomplished these milestones: ● Conducted its frst corporate program in 1983. ● Grew to more than 100 instructors in 2013. ● Helped feets reduce crash rates by 30 to 60 percent or more. 52 AUTOMOTIVE FLEET I OCTOBER 2013 pany that feets turn to for safety expertise. Celebrating its 30-year anniversary this year, the company has successfully implemented a diverse line of feet driver safety training solutions to organizations in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. Phil Moser, vice president of ADTS, recently shared the company's secret of success. "We have learned that there is no such thing as a one-size-fts-all training program," he explained. "We have had to diversify what we ofer." In fact, ADTS' clients typically reduce their crash rates 30-60 percent or more, resulting in signifcant savings to the company's bottom line. ADTS' feet safety training programs and services give feet departments the tools necessary to have a positive impact on their company's bottom line — and more important, help keep drivers safe so they return home unharmed at the end of every work day. ADTS Builds on 30 Years of Safety Expertise Moser also pointed out that a training program's success is only possible because of its developers and instructors. "We only employ highly experienced driver safety instructors, all of whom are current or former police ofcers with extensive backgrounds in trafc safety management," he said. Te company's network of instructors also includes certifed motor vehicle crash investigators and reconstructionists and instructors who specialize in Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC) instruction. In fact, ADTS originally focused its business on training police, ambulance, and fre personnel in the EVOC program. Te company was then contacted by a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company and asked to develop a training program that would help its sales and service drivers. ADTS conducted its frst corporate pro-

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