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Creating a Framework For organizations that want to improve their feet operations but simply don't know how, best practices can be a great starting point. Te following steps can guide those organizations to create a best practice framework: ● Select the areas you want to measure and improve. Tis might be all 10 of the best practices previously identifed or you might want to concentrate on a specifc concern like feet safety. ● Research industry standards or PHOTOS: SHUTTERSTOCK.COM In terms of the best practice of defning lifecycles by vehicle class, the industry benchmarks provided by NAFA are three to four years for sedans, fve to seven years for light-duty trucks, and seven to 10 years for heavy-duty trucks. Again, these generic standards need to be customized for the industry sector and operating environment of the particular organization. Defning best practices will help the feets navigate a straight-and-narrow path of effciency, continuous improvement, and excellence. ● Measure the feet's performance and make improvements as needed. Keep in mind, a best practice will not be useful until a measurable benchmark is created, customized for the feet's specifc needs, and measured against its own performance. AF P.S.: Most chefs would tell you that peeling an onion should start with cutting the stem end almost through, but leaving a piece of skin to commence the peeling. About the Author benchmarks in this subject area. Use NAFA Reference Guides ( and networking links as well as their partners to identify what the current standards are. ● Customize the benchmark for the feet's own circumstances. Consider the industry segment and any factors that would infuence the ability to meet or exceed industry standards. Lt. Col. (ret.) Katherine Vigneau, CAFM, spent almost 27 years in the Canadian Army, working in transportation and logistics. She retired in 2010 to start KMVS Fleet+ Consulting, specializing in feet management education and training. Vigneau is a former NAFA trustee and currently serves as NAFA's professional development strategist. OCTOBER 2013 I AUTOMOTIVE FLEET 63

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