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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Value of Accreditation I received my print edition of Automotive Fleet (I know I am a dinosaur preferring paper screen to a plastic one) and as is my usual practice, I jumped to the back page and frst read Ed Bobit's editorial. He is correct that the more we can all do to have the role of the feet professional and the industry respected and understood, the better it will be for future professionals to come. I am proud to say that after a long and thorough evaluation process, ADP has recognized the CAFM course of study and accreditation and has in incorporated it into its rewards and education p program, a self-improvement recognition RIAL EDITO p program that provides fnancial reward for een tegic Relationship Betw Leveraging the Stra t Managers Corporate Execs and Flee a an individual's development in their area of us bring better direction e research can help "Street smarts" and reliabl factions. Plus, the ct" gap between the two ny. e expertise (think professional accreditation in to improving the "respe key savings for the compa (good) results would mean unintended FREEDOM TO CREATIVITY REQUIRES THE ALTERNATIVES, TO a any recognized feld). " CONSIDER THE "UNTHINKABLE HED PRACTICES. DOUBT THE WORTH OF CHERIS E Keep up the good work NAFA and thanks, Ed, I CAN ALWAYS BE I'M NOBODY'S STEADY DATE. EVENTUALLY I GET DISTRACTED BY LOVE, BUT f for being there to support the charge forward! HORNY FOR MY CREATIVITY. entity can afford to make its infrastructure immune to all hazards. The recent storms in the Northeast demonstrate that forces of nature are far more powerful than we are. Recovery from the massive damage inficted by these storms will inevitably be a drawn-out process. I'm wondering how many underground fuel storage tanks experienced water infltration from the fooding. Don Thomson Retired Fleet Manager City of Salem, Ore. BY ED BOBIT anManagement Association ver since the NAFA Fleet two (many hats) initiative about nounced its Beyond Fleet ent staf) have been 100-perc years ago, I (and our entire with We've been working closely . supportive of the program n as efective as possible. NAFA to make the campaig the industry months later, everyone in At this point, many Doug of it, but be embracing it. should not only be fully aware declared president earlier this year) Weichman (exiting as NAFA's shments of his three greatest accompli that Beyond Fleet was one Claude Masters, wants Te new NAFA president, of his tenure. n goals Six Sigma tools in his educatio to add analytics and some to tie in with Beyond Fleet. d a study within its memberIn August 2011, NAFA conducte s) was how they (as feet manager ship. Te one obvious question within of "feet") were perceived felt as to how they (the face their own companies. feet manager respondents said the Overwhelmingly, the 400 the recod and ofen failed to get position was rarely understo the business community. ognition it deserved within ago. conclusion with you years We could have shared that John W. Gardner Gilda Radner SEIZES ONE — AT LEAST, WHEN THE CREATIVE URGE ONE BECOMES CREATIVE SUCH IS MY EXPERIENCE — IN ALL DIRECTIONS AT ONCE. Henry Miller Award Fleet Executive of the Year create the very meaningful each year to date. (with the help of CEI as sponsor) and commercial feets in the U.S. Tere are more than 12,000 ) are served by FF. 200-plus vehicles about 3,000 (those with Spot on in Your Assessment Thank you for bringing to light the problem of under-reported personal use. (See Market Trends editorial in November 2013 AF.) One metric I believe gives me a better sense of actual personal-use driving is accident data, whereby my drivers self-report whether they were on personal time when the accident occurred. At the time of the accident, they report being on personal time around 30 percent of the time; however, their monthly business/personal time reports show less than half of that is for personal use. Short of a telematics solution, I'm not sure how I can improve this, but you were spot on in your assessment. Scott Lauer Associate Director Fleet Administration Merck & Co., Inc. North Wales, Pa. Michael Bieger Sr. Director Global Procurement ADP Roseland, N.J. clutch while producing forward momentum by either a push or rolling down a hill. As the wheels are turning, you "pop" the clutch and the engine will (normally) start. When the engine engages, the car usually makes a little hop or "jump" — thus the term jumpstart. Submitted via e-mail by Mary Miraglia Active vs. Passive Solution When trying to minimize parking lot collisions, backup cameras are a great step, but the monitor in the cab can add to the driver's distraction. At our feet, we advocate pulsed radar, so the driver is alerted when something or someone is in the detection zone. It is an active solution versus a passive solution. Author wished to be anonymous Fuel Supply Disruptions 'Jumpstarting' Misuse I have read many articles where the term "jumpstarting" is misused. Using jumper cables to get power from an external source is not jumpstarting. Jumpstarting is when you force the engine to turn over by putting a manual transmission in frst gear, depressing the 6 AUTOMOTIVE FLEET I DECEMBER 2013 In reply to the October 2013 issue article entitled, "Mother Nature's Devastating Impact on Fleet Operations," I wanted to add some additional tips. Backup generators are also not foolproof. They can get soaked, their fuel can get water infltration, and they can run out of fuel or fail because of inadequate maintenance. No The Power of Peer Pressure Does anyone feel the need to "catch" employees not following policy and holding them accountable? An actual write-up and discipline might work just as well from the other direction by providing peer pressure to act in the best interest of themselves and the company. Kevin Wesolowski Equipment Mechanic Specialist City of Glendale, Ariz. Beware of Fuel Cards Fees In reply to the article in the September 2013 issue, "Analyzing Fleet Fuel Cards," don't forget to add in fees. Some of the cards mentioned in the article have card issuing fees, account setup fees, account maintenance fees, etc. Fees can make a huge difference in your fuel spend. For example, if, on average, you pay $10 per month, per card in fees, and you have a feet of 50 vehicles, that's $500 per month, or $6,000 per year, just in fees. Author wished to be anonymous Impressive! I wanted to drop you a note to say how much I enjoy Automotive Fleet magazine. I am always amazed that you can continually come up with such fresh and interesting content in so many different areas. You must work very long hours! I'll defnitely keep reading. Theresa Mills Global PR & Media Relations Mgr. AmeriCam Automotive Cameras Sunnyvale, Calif.

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