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FISHER AUTOTELEMATICS FOR PARTS LOOKS TO SAFETY & SAVINGS Looking primarily for ways to help make its feet safer, Fisher Auto Parts consulted with Donlen, its feet management company. The solution the FMC came up with, DriverPoint, not only accomplished the mission, but is saving the company money as well. BY BOB CAVALLI A s with all well-run feets, Fisher Auto Parts is involved in an ongoing search for ways to improve safety and reduce costs. And, the Staunton, Va.-headquartered feet has a partner in that process: its feet management company Donlen. Smart managers look for solutions to be, at the very least, cost neutral. If the solution actually reduces costs, it's a win-win. Te solution that Fisher and Donlen came up with — telematics — was precisely the sort of program that meets the test for the 1,700 vehicle feet. Made up mostly of compact pickups and sedans branded with the company logo, the vehicles are used primarily for local delivery, transporting parts to repair shops and dealerships. Donlen provides Fisher with vehicle acquisition and disposal, maintenance and accident management, license and title administration, and now the Auto Parts Company is testing the DriverPoint telematics product. Automotive Fleet spoke with Fisher's CFO, Joe Vaughn, and Nicholas Ehrhart, Donlen's telematics VP of business development about it. 62 AUTOMOTIVE FLEET I DECEMBER 2013 AF: Tell us about Donlen's DriverPoint program. VAUGHN: We're always looking for ways to make our feet and our drivers safer — for themselves and for others. Our feet vehicles are used locally, which translates to a lot of short trips and stop-and-go driving. Joe Vaughn, CFO for Fisher Auto Parts, noted that during the frst year of DriverPoint implementation, Fisher projects a savings of about $463,822 across the entire feet. EHRHART: Donlen works collaboratively with its customers, and when Joe came But, it is the data the device generates and the way the program uses that data that makes it so unique. to us to discuss solutions, we believed that DriverPoint would ft the need very well. AF: How large is the feet test sample? AF: Is DriverPoint a device or is it a complete program? EHRHART: DriverPoint is more than just a device. It is a comprehensive program that combines telematics, online safety training, and driver scorecards, which increases driver safety, productivity, and ultimately reduces costs. VAUGHN: Te program goes far beyond just telematics, as well as other safety programs. Te core of the program is, indeed, the device, which is a "plug-and-play" device that our drivers can install in minutes. VAUGHN: We began the test in mid-2012 with 50 units. At the beginning of 2013, we expanded that sample to 488 vehicles and plan on rolling the program out to the entire feet by the end of 2013. AF: What data elements does DriverPoint provide? EHRHART: Some of the key data elements the device provides are acceleration/deceleration events, speeding, "overspeed," and idling, which are tied to both safety and fuel economy. For example, speeding not only is dangerous, but it also burns excess fuel.

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