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C LING ALL AL FLEET MANAGERS! Recently enlisted feet managers are the profession's next generation, and will lead it forward well into the middle of the 21st century. Here are the fve steps "newbies" need to take be a success. BY LAUREN FLETCHER F leet management, as a profession, can be a lucrative one, with 60 percent of feet managers earning between $60,000 and $105,000 per year, according to AF's 2013 Salary Survey. It can also be a challenging career, requiring at least some knowledge of the automotive industry, changes in legislation, and at least a working knowledge of accounting, personnel management, and automobiles. However, everyone starts at the same place in feet management: at the very beginning, the frst day on the job, with a strong possibility the only feet knowledge he or she has is what the word feet means (but that isn't always guaranteed). So, how does a new feet manager survive, grow, and step up and become successful AT A GLANCE If you are looking to start a career in feet management, fve steps to help ensure a long and successful career include: ● Network. ● Pick up the phone. ● Get out of the offce. ● Never stop learning. ● Join the club. 42 AUTOMOTIVE FLEET I JANUARY 2014 in this complex and close-knit industry? Five steps to help a new feet manager start the journey on the right foot are shared: 1 Network! A crucial step to becoming a long-time, successful feet manager is networking. Fleet management is a complex profession, and one of the best learning resources is an experienced feet manager. "One of the biggest questions I had when I started in feet was wondering how all of the pieces ft toJENACK gether," said Teresa Jenack, feet manager for GE Energy. "I had a lot of questions, such as what did it mean to upft a pickup truck and the lead time required — I had a lot of them!" Utilize networking sites, such as LinkedIn, as well as industry-specifc social media groups or pages to fnd feet managers and groups that can help answer the many questions you'll have as a beginner. Tere is no shortage of experienced feet managers happy to help. 2 Pick Up the Phone (& Answer it, Too) In a study conducted by the staf of Automotive Fleet in 2009, it was discovered that, when trying to reach commercial feet managers by phone, you'll probably get voicemail. Of the 50 feet managers called for the survey, only eight answered their phone when it rang, with the remaining calls going to voicemail. Communication is key to being a successful feet manager. If you are a new feet manager, you never know if the person on the other end of the line may be your new fountainhead of knowledge. "We live in a communication-intensive environment and it is easy to become overwhelmed with electronic media. It's easy to miss an e-mail with the hundreds we get daily," noted Steven Saltzgiver, VP, SALTZGIVER feet management for Republic Services. "It has become more important than ever to occasionally pick up the phone or drop by an ofce to communicate in person to ensure we are on the same page." Today, people rely so heavily on e-mail,

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