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PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE Changes in feet management are well documented. Led by new technology, both vehicles and the means by which they're managed today would not be recognizable 30 years ago. One of the biggest changes: how preventive maintenance is handled today over yesterday. BY BOB CAVALLI AT A GLANCE Aside from an oil and flter change, additional items checked during preventive maintenance include: ● Transmission check. ● Cooling system check. ● Wheel alignment. ● Tire rotation. 46 AUTOMOTIVE FLEET I JANUARY 2014 PHOTO: ©ISTOCKPHOTO.COM/VALLENTIN T here are many building blocks in the edifce of successful feet management. From vehicle selection to assignment, and from replacement cycles to policy, everything has its place. One of the basic foundations of any feet operation is the preventive maintenance schedule. No matter what make or model of vehicle a company uses, the one thing that will Creating and strictly enforcing a preventive maintenance (PM) schedule is one of the most important elements of a successful feet operation. While much has changed in 30 years, this feet commandment hasn't. impact how well it performs more than any other is the preventive maintenance (PM) schedule, and how it is enforced. Fuel effciency, drivability, and safety are all impacted by the PM schedule, not to mention the total cost of ownership (TCO). But, PM schedules today are far diferent from those of 40, 30, or even just 20 years ago. Here are some things that have changed, and what PM schedules look like today. Building the Foundation Whether 1963 or 2014, the foundation for preventive maintenance scheduling is the oil and flter change. Te intervals that govern all other PM activity have nearly always been established using oil and flter change intervals. For decades, this interval was between 5,000 and 7,500 miles for consumer use (12,000 miles per year or thereabouts),

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