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TECHNOLOGY SIMPLIFYING PRODUCTIVITY GPS Insight offers a customizable solution that can include more than 40 reports and alerts from an a la carte menu. Among its solution's new features are "categories" and "attributes." "This is extremely simplif ed, yet powerful searching within the software. For instance, if you're a dispatcher, and just received a call for a job that requires a buck- et truck with a 50 foot boom, you can quickly search for that particular attribute and see where the truck is and what its current status is," explained Ryan Driscoll, marketing director for GPS Insight. The newest product on the horizon for the company is its new mapping software, 2D Live. The real-time mapping software is expected to be available during the f rst quarter of 2014. According to Driscoll, the way GPS tracking software mapping stands today, all vehicles are refreshed on a 30-second schedule, not in absolute real-time. Customers' browsers are typically 10-25 seconds lagged when a device reports. "What makes 2D Live revolutionary is how GPS Insight re-architected how data is processed and displayed. The mapping now updates vehicle and driver data faster than ever before, with literally no lag from the time a device reports to the time it is updated in the map. Customers who need to see their vehicle location the instant the device reports will really benef t from this," Driscoll said. FOCUSING ON SAFETY Lytx is focused on the performance of drivers related to safety. To help keep f eets safe, the company has developed a program built around predictive analytics that identify drivers most likely to be involved in a collision. The program utilizes a device that captures data about how the driver is driving, cov- ering a wide-range of driving activities from driving too close to texting to not wearing a seat belt. "The device is cellular, and it has two imagers — one facing the road and one facing the driver — so you'll get a view of what's taking place in the vehicle as well as what's taking place around the driver. It's an exception-based video," said Chris Silver, Lytx's director of marketing. The system captures 8 seconds of video before the event and 4 seconds after. "The goal is to capture what happened," Silver said. "What's most inter- esting is capturing the behavior that led to the event, which we can then follow up with in coaching and scoring." The Lytx device has a f eet tracking component, so it can be used not only to help improve f eet safety, but can be added to the established f eet management system for routing or other mapping functions. Silver noted that while telematics is a data-driven business, there are qualitative benef ts that f eets can derive apart from hard-cost savings. "We haven't yet quantif ed this, but we've heard a lot about customer service. There's something about someone paying attention to these drivers and treating them as professionals. We've heard that, if they're uniformed drivers, they have sharper uni- forms and they're being nicer to customers. Customers tell us that when driver performance is bet- ter, customer service is better too," Silver said. ZEROING IN ON THE DRIVER PHH Arval's approach to driver technology is to focus on the fundamentals — the driver. The tools follow from what the driver needs to accomplish their jobs and stay productive. "We've seen a huge opportunity for usability for the driver," said Dave Zuidema, senior vice president and CIO of PHH Arval. "We're looking at how to make the solutions as user friendly and painless to use for the drivers as possible." For instance, PHH Arval has developed a system to make the tracking of personal-use miles easier, decreasing reporting time by 42 percent, according to Zuidema. PHH Arval's telematics solution PHH Onboard is designed to help f nd more precise uses for the data that's being captured. "One size doesn't f t all," said Bruce Horan, director of PHH Onboard. "Two ways we're doing this is by creating individualized driver prof les to help identify and proscribe a solution. The telematics data helps to get to the granular level to develop that prof le. There's a lot of data points out there that we haven't traditionally pulled together to create this risk prof le. From a productivity standpoint, the ability to monetize each one of those activities and understand the cost for each activity is huge because we can help companies develop a cost per job. The ability to analyze and monetize it is key." PHH Arval has taken a holistic approach to helping its clients be more productive. "When clients come to us saying they have a problem in a particular area, they're not really looking for an al a carte solution, they want to know how long and how much before I can become more eff cient. I think we're looking at this as a holistic approach to end-to-end how do we achieve the goal by combining the PHH service and everything around it instead of individualized products," Horan said. ACTING ON BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE Not just collecting, but acting on business intelligence data is a hallmark of Spireon's just-released FleetLocate 2.1, according to Richard Pearlman, Spireon's director for product management for f eet. FleetLocate 2.1 is built on the company's scalable platform, which can be used to develop a number of actionable reports. For small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), FleetLocate 2.1 has the business intelligence to help SMBs monitor negative driver behaviors such as speeding and excessive idling to managing start/stop times and vehicle maintenance. "Probably the most innovative thing we've done is FleetLocate's Joe Gibbs Driver Perfor- mance Program," Pearlman said. "We have gamif ed driver performance." Launched with their Enterprise Fleet Management solution, the Spireon-Gibbs' driv- er performance system takes driver metrics — speeding, hard braking, idling, etc. — and scores them and puts them in game format so the drivers compete with each other and teams compete against each other. The system is designed to provide incentives and social media pressure is also a great motivator, according to Pearlman. For Spireon's f eet customers they have seen lowered idle times and harsh braking among other productivity improvements. AUTOMOTIVE FLEET I FEBRUARY 2014 26 A F 0 2 1 4 p r o d u c t i v i t y . i n d d 2 6 AF0214productivity.indd 26 1 / 2 4 / 1 4 6 : 1 4 A M 1/24/14 6:14 AM

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