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AUTOMOTIVE FLEET I FEBRUARY 2014 28 TECHNOLOGY RELOCATING ASSETS TO THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME For Telogis, one of the keys to productivity is getting drivers to jobsites eff ciently and on time. To this end, the company has launched a mobile application called WorkPlan, which is part of the Telogis mobile solution. "Using location intelligence is mission- critical to productivity gains. Customers consistently request solutions that can manage their work orders from planning to data collection in the f eld, all as a way to be more productive. Integrating mobile applications as part of a comprehensive platform approach has been a key factor in meeting this demand, " explained Mark Wallin, vice president of product management for Telogis. This is particularly the case for drivers in the f eld, who can receive up-to-date, detailed information routing them to the job in the f eld via their smart phones, and collect data necessary to complete the job. The WorkPlan solution can be viewed either using an Android or iOS device. Drivers become more productive by having the jobs handled electronically in real-time accurately, according to Wallin. From the f eet manager-side of the equation, it allows the easy reallocation of personnel and equipment, so jobs can be completed on time. IMPROVING DRIVING IN REAL TIME TomTom has made driver improvement a real-time experience for its customers with its WEBFLEET telematics solution. Its Active Driver Feedback component of WEBFLEET allows the real-time monitoring of driver behavior and offers real-time feedback and coaching, including about speeding, ex- cessive idling, sudden braking, and harsh turning. Drivers receive real-time alerts appear on the screen and reminds drivers to adopt a safer and more fuel-eff cient driving behavior. A component called OptiDrive allows f eet managers to generate a report from data received by the Active Driver Feedback system. The system has a couple of key benef ts for f eets. "Not only does it create a safer driving environment, but it reduces wear-and-tear on the vehicle," said Matt Gunzenhaeuser, sales director for TomTom. INFORMING THE DRIVER For Trimble, the key component for f eet eff ciency is getting the right data to the right person. The platform it uses to do this is GeoManager, which consists of a number of modules focused on spe- cif c uses, including workforce management, f eet management, diagnostics, driver safety, and mainte- nance. Mobile applications are a growth area for the company. "With the advent of more mobile applications and smartphones, it's much easier to give the driver feed- back in real-time about an event or activity than in the past," said Nick Mitchell, vice president of global sales for Trimble's Field Service Management division. "Very much f eet management in the past was about reviewing an activity in the past and correcting it moving forward. But, if you don't speak to your driver for two weeks or even a week, when you have a regular review with them you've missed the opportunity to cor- rect that event. It's very much about giving it as something easily digestible and actionable." Trimble's productivity solution is about making the vehicle available for use, but also looking at the pro- ductivity of the worker. "We're looking at the complete picture around that piece, and to not just monitor the driver's behavior but also the whole work environment and improve that activity," Mitchell said. LEVERAGING GAMIFICATION Fleet management company Wheels Inc. has turned to gamif cation with its ChangeDriver solution to help clients' drivers be- come more productive. The solution is expected to be launched in March. "We're leveraging gamif cation to motivate drivers and educate them through rewards and points and online badges. The end goal is to keep drivers on the road, driving safely, and in compliance. If drivers are on the road, doing what they're supposed to be, that's really the ultimate productivity enhancer," said David Glines, manager of product innovation for Wheels. ChangeDriver reinforces productivity and safety by having drivers make pledges to drive more safely. It also allows them to search maintenance vendors in the Wheels network and view past fuel and maintenance transactions and see the locations on a map, saving time with the maintenance role. Gamif cation is a good solution for f eets because it has already become an established trend in busi- ness. "The gamif cation is a method to keep people engaged and motivated all while leveraging positive rein- forcement," said Glines. The system requires about a 5-minute commitment per week from the drivers. Drivers earn points for avoiding accidents for a certain number of days or for being the top fuel-eff cient driver. Glines added that the system can work effectively in conjunction with a formalized coaching program. The beta users have seen about a 6-percent improvement in fuel use and a drop in accident rates, ac- cording to Glines. "What I like about ChangeDriver is that it reinforces compliance through education; drivers like it because they can earn merchandise, and is fun and can break up the day-to-day monotony. The clients like it because it saves money. It's a win for everyone," he said. AF A F 0 2 1 4 p r o d u c t i v i t y . i n d d 2 8 AF0214productivity.indd 28 1 / 2 4 / 1 4 6 : 1 4 A M 1/24/14 6:14 AM

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